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Homework Done Faster

Homework Done Faster

Kelly Tenkely |

Dweeber is a social networking site for students that encourages kids to get their homework done faster and with more understanding by working with their school friends online. Dweeber was created to help students understand their strengths and talents, and help them work together more effectively with parents, mentors, and each other. The goal is to get students working together to help them learn, study and do research. Working together collaboratively this way is an important 21st century skill that we should be fostering in our classrooms.

Students can invite each other to study sessions where they can work in a collaborative whiteboard type space, chat with fellow students, post successes, and send friends thank you cards for helping out. Students can learn about their unique learning style and will receive tips for working more effectively (SMART profile) these profiles can be shared among friends. Students can also earn ‘guru’ points by sharing and voting on favorite websites, helping others get homework done, and pointing out successes of other students.

How to integrate Dweeber into the classroom: I really like the idea behind Dweeber. This site helps students to understand their own learning, and support fellow students in their learning. I love the way in encourages students to work collaboratively outside the classroom and celebrate each other’s successes. This site is easy to use and will make homework less painful. It has the added bonus of preparing students for the real world where they won’t always be able to work with others face to face. Encourage the use of this site in your classroom. Using a site like Dweeber will build a community of learners in your classroom.

Students will support each other in learning and each will be able to shine in their areas of expertise. Statistically, homework doesn’t generally increase learning. Often it is a mindless practice that is easy for those who get it and painful for those who don’t. Those who understood the concept probably didn’t need hours of extra practice and those who didn’t get it just practiced the wrong way for hours. Why not allow students to collaborate and truly learn the material? This is a great way to keep learning and discussions going outside of the classroom.

Tips: Dweeber is designed for students ages 13 to 18. Students must be at least 13 according to the Dweeber terms of use to sign up for the service.

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