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Teachers: Are You for Real?

Teachers: Are You for Real?


Let me present to you two life-changing pieces of advice:

1. Inside Jokes

These two will go such a long way in building relationship and gaining the respect of your students. No matter how lame the joke is, the student will bring it up continuously until you make a new one. These are easy to create. To find, be observant. Catch them in the hallway, at lunch, outside of school, at a game, anywhere, even in your class, and make a comment about it. Then bring it up occasionally. Or vice versa. If they catch you doing something silly, even if you feel embarrassed, bring it up, laugh at yourself. Everyone loves to laugh. i.e. I have a student who is in a gospel rap group and I am constantly encouraging him to sing for the class. He won’t. Anytime we have to read something out loud, I’ll call on him to read and then add in the punch line…“Or would you rather rap for us?” or “Could you sing that a little louder?” The class laughs and he knows I remember.

2. Nicknames

This one is the same principle. Be observant. Comment. Repeat. Success. i.e. One of my students told me about a boy that another student liked and told me to call her by his name. So when no one else could hear me, I would call her by the boy’s name and she would act upset but it always ended in a smile. Maybe that’s not a great example. But this girl is known for having a lot of attitude and talking back and she’s the type I can give crap to and it works. That’s sort of another piece of advice: know your students. You have got to be careful about people’s feelings, students and otherwise. You need to know the teachers you can joke with, the students you can tease, who you can be sarcastic with, and so on.

So to sum it all up, be observant. Care. Laugh. Be yourself. Share life.

For real.

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