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5 Ways To Win When Students Test Your Limits

Joel |

It’s been a while since I have taught 7th & 8th graders and now I remember how much they like to get away with. Even the good students do things from time to time that just boggle my mind.

WHY DID YOU DO THAT? It’s crazy.

How do I handle these misbehaving miscreants? These 5 ways….

1. Don’t pick favorite students

Okay, we all have favorite students. What we must avoid is giving them special treatment.

I know teachers who let certain students stay after class to work on projects with them (and miss other classes) simply because they like them more.

2. Stick to your rules

Consistency is the only way for success in this area. Just because a rule doesn’t work effectively one time does not mean the rule is bad. It may just be that circumstances kept it from working one time. Changing the rules midstream is never the best option. Especially if the only consistent thing is that the rules change.

3. Be nice, but firm

It’s so easy to lash out when children begin misbehaving. The other end of the spectrum is to just ignore it. Neither of these will solve the problem. We must respond and not react. We must be in control of ourselves, but we also must be in control of our classroom. We do all of these things, keeping in mind that the relationship we have with the students is one of concern and respect.

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