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How to Keep Your Students Learning Over the Summer

How to Keep Your Students Learning Over the Summer

Kelly Tenkely |

Summer is a much needed reprieve for both teachers and students.  It allows everyone time to relax and unwind from a busy school year.  The two month break that most school systems have can also be problematic for student learning.  It seems that by the second month of break students start getting antsy and parents scramble to find activities to keep the kids under control for the last few months before school starts again.  Teachers spend the first few weeks of every school year re-teaching what students had mastered the year before.  Those summer months without structured learning lead to students who have forgotten many of the basics at the start of school.  This seems to be especially true in the elementary years.  So, how can we keep our students learning over the summer and provide a little reprieve for parents?  Before school ends send home a list of fun learning activities that parents can involve their kids in.  It will help fill those last weeks of summer for parents and prepare students for the upcoming school year.

Technology Reading Resources

1. Starfall-
2. Gamegoo-
3. Childtopia-
4. Knowledge Box-
5. Get Ready to Read-
6. Into the Book-
7. Roy the Zebra-
8. Fable Vision-
9. North Star-
10. Mighty Books-
11. Super Why-
12. Book Adventure-
13. Toon University-
14.Kidz Club-
15. Speakaboos-

Technology Math Resources

1.  iKnow That Math-
2.  Tut Pup Math-
3.  Cool Math-
4.  Cyberchase-
5. Math Magician-
6.  Escape from Knab-

Technology Spelling Practice

Spelling City-

14 Fun Ways to Study Math Facts

1.  Roll of the Dice:  Roll two dice and say the math facts that go with those two numbers (practice addition, subtraction, or  multiplication)

2.  Knock Down:  Gather a set of blocks, pennies, or other objects that can be stacked.  Ask child a math fact, each time they get it correct they get to stack a block or penny.  Go until the stack falls over or until they know all of their facts.

3.  Whiteboard/chalkboard:  Write down facts on a whiteboard or chalkboard.

4.  Sand/salt math:  Fill a tray or cookie sheet with sand or salt to write math facts in.  Say the fact out loud as you write them.

5.  Shaving Cream:  Squirt shaving cream onto a table, counter, or cookie sheet, smooth it out and write out facts in the cream.

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