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Top 20 Blogs for Teachers

Top 20 Blogs for Teachers


When I first started out, I was living by myself far away from home. I didn’t have any friends in the community outside of the school. And those were either other band directors or band parents. I didn’t do anything to really try to keep in contact with college friends, I sort of had the Lone Ranger type approach.

That was way back in 2002. My how things have changed! Now, education prep programs all over seem to be requiring students to read and comment on blogs as part of their education. With that being said, I have seen quite a rise in the number of educational blogs out there since I started blogging two years ago. I have seen a handful of blogs come and go. At one point, some of us (at times, even I did) thought this one was going to disappear. As I explore edublogs, I realize that some of them are terribly helpful, some of them are quite critical, and some of them are just downright emotionally draining; each one has its own special flavor, and there’s really nothing wrong with that. I thought I would go through my Google Reader tonight and find a handful of blogs that I think are really helpful to new teachers. I’m simply going to list these alphabetically to try to circumvent any bickering about favorites or whatever!

1. Angela Maiers

One of the most useful blogs around, Angela presents tons of information that can literally be taken into the classroom the very next day. It’s almost like having a professional education colsultant just sitting in the next room. I cannot recommend her blog highly enough.

2. Betty’s Blog – Timely Teacher Talk

Betty is retired and she is now a substitute teacher. Plus she lives in Texas. I think every young teacher needs some more experienced teachers we can look up to and learn from. Betty sort of helps fill this role (at least in the blogging world) for me. She seems to be extremely patient (can you imagine teaching 6th graders for 20 years???). I almost think that this is what my mother would be doing if she had taught school.

3. Close Enough for Jazz

If you’re not into the whole music scene, this one may not interest you. But this is a list of blogs that I wish were around when I started teaching, and I’m a band director. It’s fun for me to get a perspective of a choir teacher, and I enjoy the way he writes. The Pickle Maestro actually began blogging around the same time that I did, so that’s kinda fun too.

4. Dangerously Irrelevant

One of the more prolific blogs in the edublogging circles, Scott McLeod manages to present material that at least makes you think. It’s not always practical for a classroom, but he manages to avoid dwelling on educational policy all of the time and his posts always come with a great presentation.

5. The Doc Is In

Dr. Pezz presents a sort of smorgasbord of thoughts and ideas. Some can be taken and used by teachers, others just makes you laugh. He even wrote a guest post: Are Classroom Rules Needed? on my blog. What a great guy!

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