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Make Learning Fun with Authentic Instruction

Make Learning Fun with Authentic Instruction

Dorit Sasson | Teaching

Whether you’re a classroom teacher or a home schooling parent, the best way to motivate your students is through some sort of authentic instruction.

What is authentic instruction?

Well, it’s simply instruction that is based on real world tasks. As students complete these tasks they can immediately see HOW what they are learning applies to their real lives – both inside and OUTSIDE the classroom. A good way to provide authentic instruction is through games. When students need to learn certain skills in order to play enjoyable games, they will become engaged in the principles and concepts you teach because they will want to be able to use their new skills to play the games.

The nicest part of this type of authentic instruction is that kids tend to pick up the skills needed to play games rather quickly, simply because they are self-motivated. Plus, they will tend to help each other acquire the skills needed to play the games because they are anxious to have some fun together. You can use popular games to teach a variety of skills in various content areas. Try such favorites as Monopoly, The Game of Life, Jeopardy, and Password.

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But you can also create your own original games to enhance the quality of instruction in your classroom. You probably already have many materials that can be used to create fun learning games for your students. Items like playing cards, dominoes, toothpicks, coins, construction paper, cardboard, etc. can all be used to make learning games that can be played over and over again.

So start thinking of ways to add games to your instruction and you’ll find that teaching is easier for you and learning is much easier, and more fun, for your students.

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