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How Would Your Students Evaluate Your Teaching?

How Would Your Students Evaluate Your Teaching?

Eric Hougan | Teaching

Student Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness

The following is an assessment that will be used to help evaluate my overall teaching performance. Your honest opinion is appreciated and your comments will not influence your grade. The responses are anonymous. (Don’t write your name on this!)

Please use the following scale as you answer each question:

1 Poor
2 Rarely
3 Sometimes
4 Usually
5 Always

1. The teacher let students know what was expected of them.

2. The teacher was well prepared for each class.

3. The teacher was accepting and supporting of students.

4. The teacher covered the material at an appropriate pace.

5. The teacher showed patience when dealing with students.

6. The teacher helped make the material interesting by relating it to things I know.

7. The teacher used visuals such as whiteboard, maps, handouts, and presentation stations.

8. The teacher handled student discipline fairly.

9. The teacher recognized which students did not understand the material and reviewed as needed.

10. The teacher appeared to be genuinely concerned about students and their success in class.

11. The teacher gave clear directions.

12. The teacher knew the subject matter well.

13. The teacher presented a professional appearance and behavior.

Tell me about the lesson where you learned the most and why you think so.

Tell me any areas that you believe I need to work on and why.

Any other comments?

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