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5 Simple Ways to Teach Better

5 Simple Ways to Teach Better

Dorit Sasson

When students aren’t engaged, it’s usually time to reexamine how you can adjust your instruction. Adjusting instruction means providing more opportunities for students to learn successfully based on information you gather such as their interests, work habits, motivation and learning styles and academic performance. Doing this on a consistent basis helps refine instruction so they can succeed.

Successful teachers are those who pre-assess their students abilities and then use that information to determine how and what they will teach. They use educational standards only a guide, constantly focusing on 1) what the students know and 2) what objectives (or steps) they need to take) to fulfill their goals. They focus on what the students can TODAY.

So here are 5 simple ways how you can adjust your instruction.

1) Pre-assess your students. Knowing what your students know is incredibly important for helping them succeed.

2) Use any assessment results to differentiate instruction. For your struggling K-2 ELLs, this may mean for example, that you may need to present information in a more structured oral-reading context. (ie. saying the words and then matching them to a picture)

3) When you know significant areas of weakness, provide students with guided practice focusing at one skill at a time.

4) Use the power of R’s: Review, redefine and reinforce. Avoid assuming that your students have not had any previous encounters with the subject.

5) Create more student-centered lessons. Remember – how to teach is just as important as what to teach. Refine content based on questionnaires you gave your students on learning styles, learning preferences, etc. What other suggestions do you have for adjusting your instruction. Please share your ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Try it!

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