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7 Ways to Reduce Homework Stress

7 Ways to Reduce Homework Stress

Pat Hensley | Teaching

What can teachers do to help their students reduce stress? Sometimes as a teacher, I take things for granted. I assume that all students have a support system at home but that isn’t always true. Many students come from homes where parents are working more than one job to support the family. These adults do not have the time or the energy to help their children with homework. Though I may feel that school is a priority, I can not control the situations that the students live in. In fact, I can only control my own behavior so if I truly want my students to be successful, I need to think about what I can do to be supportive of my students.

1. Write it down Don’t just tell the students what the assignment is but have it written down on the board or the handout. If it is on the board, ask that each student write it down.

2. Check for Understanding Explain the homework and have students repeat the directions back in their own words.

3. Make sure it is legible If you give a worksheet or written assignment for homework; make sure it can be read easily. I have seen some teachers give sheets with the print so small that you would need a magnifying glass to read it. Others are so hard to read, that you could not make any sense of the sheet. Have students look at the sheet and ask questions if necessary before they leave.

4. Give Examples Make students have some examples to copy down to refer to when they get home. Parents will appreciate this too so they can see what answer the teacher is expecting.

5. Have a Rationale Don’t give homework just for busy work. Make sure there is a valid reason for the students to be doing this assignment.

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6. Assess it There are many different ways to assess this homework. Some may choose to just check that it was done. Others may want to correct it and give an actual grade. It really doesn’t matter how you assess it but most important of all is that you do assess it. If the students see that it isn’t important enough for you to assess, they will not bother to do it or do it correctly.

7. Give Sincere Praise When the students turn in homework on time, give plenty of praise. It may not seem like much but for the ones who took the time to do it, they will appreciate it. It always seemed to me that the ones who didn’t do the homework got most of the attention. So. to get the attention, it would make sense not to do the homework. Instead of perpetuating this attitude, reward the hard working students with praise. Hopefully the others will want this attention and actually do the homework.

Can you think of other ways that teachers can relieve homework stress? Please feel free to share!

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