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4 Ways to Regain Class Control

4 Ways to Regain Class Control

Dorit Sasson

As a teacher, I have instances where I need to regain class control before my class controls me. For a new teacher this can be frightening.

I know. I was there.

Regaining class control happens to the best of teachers, and it just takes one element to knock a flowing lesson out of control.

Here are a few examples: How about the student who came in late from basketball practice and starts chattering with his/friends?

Or a student may ask you “Why do we have to learn this?” or “Mr./Mrs. Teacher, do you have any children?” Or a class may be just be very overcrowded and you constantly have to start again because there aren’t enough tables and chairs. By the time students are settled in, you’ve already lost 10 minutes of your lesson and students are already distracted.

Loosing class control typically happens because (1) something in the lesson plan doesn’t speak to the students or, (2)some areas of the classroom management plan need reinforcing.

By regaining class control, you are exercising your authority as a classroom manager to help yourself teach more effectively.

Here are four great strategies to help regain class control.

1. Stop the lesson.

While trying to cope with a difficult classroom situation that seems like hell, take a few moments of time out. New teachers often think that stopping the lesson shows a sign of weak classroom management. They think they should be doing all the talking to gain class control. Those few seconds are like gold offering you other solutions.

Observe the class. What is going on? What needed to be changed? Listen to your teacher intuition. It is often precise and on track. For example, too much explanation can be sometimes too preachy, and you can teach something more inductively.

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