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A Web Browser Just for Kids

A Web Browser Just for Kids

Kido’z is a web browser specifically designed just for kids. The Kido’z browser is a completely protected environment where kids can surf web sites, watch kid appropriate videos and play games. Kido’z has an incredibly simple interface that is even appropriate for non readers and writers. The browser blocks links, scripts and other opportunities for kids to be lead to websites that have not been approved. Kido’z allows kids to safely explore “an endless amount of games, videos and other content and can enter with one click to the best kids’ sites that can be found.” Kido’z is a great addition to any pre-k through second grade classroom.

How to integrate Kido’z into the classroom: Kido’z is a great way to bring the Internet to the classroom computers in the pre-k through second grade classroom. Students can access the Internet in a completely safe, controlled environment. The interface of Kido’z is so user friendly that even your non-reader students can use the browser sucessfuly without help. Many of the video clips, games, and websites that students have access to through Kido’z are educational and offer great learning opportunities. Kido’z has provided several ways to follow developments through Twitter, their blog, or RSS feed. You are sure to be introduced to great kids learning sites that you may not have seen before.

Tips: Before you can download the Kido’z browser, you will have to download Adobe Air. Be sure to share Kido’z with parents. The web browser is a great way to keep your students learning at home in a safe environment.

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