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Fold a U.S. Candidate

Fold a U.S. Candidate

Fold a US Candidate is a fun site that has paper foldable puppets of the US candidates for the 2008 election. This is a fun site to get your students interested in the upcoming election. (I am very entertained by this right now!) Both presidential nominees are featured as well as their wives. There is also an election day count down on the site to let your students know how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds they have to wait before the big day.

How to integrate Fold a US Candidate into the classroom:

Students of all ages are sure to get more involved and interested in the election after visiting this site and making their own president puppet. These would be fun to use as you are discussing the upcoming election in your classroom. While the site is chock full of facts about the candidates, the paper puppets would add to learning about the election and the different candidates. Split your students into groups and assign each a candidate to study. They can find out what the candidates believe about some key issues in the upcoming election. Then they can have a mock debate using the puppets and the research they have gained.

Tips: Print out and fold your US Candidate today! :)

Visit Fold a Candidate

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