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New and Improved: Free Rice

New and Improved: Free Rice

Kelly Tenkely |

Free Rice is an amazing website that I have written about two or three times in the past. It has been a site where students can play a vocabulary game and earn 20 grains of rice for each correct answer. The grains of rice are distributed to hungry people all over the world through the UN World Food Program. Two of my students came in this morning with a printout of how many grains of rice they had earned over the weekend on the Free Rice website (we have a contest going each year to see which class and grade can earn the most grains of rice). They were unusually excited about this bunch of earned rice because they discovered some new features on Free Rice. Free Rice is now much more than a vocabulary game! Students can choose the subject they would like to play. As they increase in all types of knowledge, there is the added bonus of helping people in need. Free Rice subjects now include art (famous paintings), chemistry (chemical symbols), English grammar, geography (world capitals), language learning (French, German, Italian, Spanish), math (multiplication), and of course…vocabulary! Free rice is an incredible place for students to practice facts for a wide range of subject areas. Some additional new features: now students can click on a speaker next to a word to hear it read to them and can change the level of difficulty manually! I am so impressed with the site and impressed with my students for finding and sharing these new treasures!

How to integrate Free Rice into the classroom:

With all of the new subjects on Free Rice, it is the perfect place to send your students for fact practice. Whether they are learning a new language, or need some practice with their multiplication facts Free Rice is a great place to practice. What I love about Free Rice is the added bonus of character education. Free Rice teaches students compassion and empathy. My students truly play the game not for the learning taking place, but because it makes them feel good to do something for others. Kids often feel like there is nothing they can personally do to help a cause…Free Rice gives them a voice and the ability to make a change. It empowers them.


Set up Free Rice on your classroom computers as a place for students to go when they are finished early and need a little something extra. Free Rice is also excellent in a computer lab setting and for home play.

Visit Free Rice

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