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A Guide to Creating Key Partnerships with Parents

A Guide to Creating Key Partnerships with Parents

Jill Hare, Editor |

It’s the beginning of the school year and that shiny new feeling has worn off. If you’re like a lot of teachers, you are feeling stressed and wondering how you are going to get everything you need for your class planned and prepared. Creating key partnerships with parents can be a lifesaver if you approach it correctly. From fostering good relationships with parents, to including parents in discipline, and even encouraging parents to volunteer, Teaching has ideas that you can start using now.

Table of Contents

I. Working and Connecting With Parents

Includes: Connecting With Parents, Making Parents Allies and Helpers, Disinterested Parents Look to Parents to…,Tips for Working With Parents

II.How to Create Partnerships With Parents and Families

Includes: 10 Tips on How To Form Good Partnerships with Families

III. Great Ways to Catch and Keep Volunteers

Includes: How to Ask for Volunteers, How to Thank Volunteers, and words of advice about volunteering from some of our featured writers

IV. Discipline Tip: Involve Parents

Includes: Five Great Tips

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V. Parent Involvement Statistics for all 50 States

Includes: Data About Parent/Teacher Conferences and Involvement

VI. The View From a Teacher & Parent

VII. Holding an Effective ESL Parent Meeting

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