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Author Visits by State

Author Visits by State

Thanks to Kim Norman, you can locate authors who are willing to do classroom visits in your area.

Kim Norman |

I heard it over and over from educators who had hired me for author presentations: “I wish there were one place I could have gone to research lots of different authors.” Sometimes I wished the same thing. Despite many marketing efforts–from postcards to conferences to online networking–folks continued to find me in convoluted ways. I was delighted by the serendipity leading them to my website, but I kept thinking there must be a better way.

“Wouldn’t it be great if there were a state-by-state listing of visiting authors where educators could do one-stop shopping?” I often asked.

Everyone agreed such a list would have saved them time. No one seemed to be compiling that sort of information, so I decided to do it myself. Thus was born Author Visits By State, a website, (free blog, actually), where visitors scroll through an alphabetical listing of states to find traditionally-published authors and illustrators who live in their state. I don’t charge authors to be listed, nor do I handle the bookings. The site is simply a resource to help cut down on the time it takes finding the perfect author to visit your school.

I hope it will also be a stopping place for students researching authors who live nearby, even if the authors never visit their schools. It’s kind of cool discovering the author of your favorite book lives just a few counties over. Once I created the site, I was stunned at how quickly it became “viral” in the children’s writing community. Hundreds of authors and illustrators contacted me, asking to be listed, so the list grew from the 60 I started with to nearly 400 in just a few weeks. It was exciting hearing from authors I’ve long admired, asking to be included on the site. There’s more work to do.

A few states are still missing, (Montana, Wyoming and both Dakotas), and a few others have sparser listings than I’d like, but it will continue to grow. If you have contacts in those “missing” states, please spread the word that I’m eager to add traditionally-published authors and illustrators from those states. Happy author hunting!

Coming Soon: Kim will share information on how teachers can utilize Author Visits by State.

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