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"Because I Said So!"

I know this won’t be popular, but isn’t there some value to “because I said so” as a response to a question? As a parent? As a teacher? As a boss? I know all the stuff out there on giving reasons for everything and respecting roles and setting the tone for respect, but isn’t there a time when authority is the final answer?

When a student whines for the millionth time that he’s BORED and doesn’t WANT to do something, do I sit him down for a one-on-one conversation (while the rest of the class waits) on the benefits of a certain activity (which, by the way, I’ve already given multiple times)?

When an employee balks and balks and balks at doing something assigned to him or her, isn’t there a time when being the boss is what matters?

As I said, I know the underlying reasons for giving good reasons for everything we do, but when we’re on the fly, in real world situations, and have already set the stage for children, students, employees to respect us, can’t we pull rank?

Can’t we EVER use authority as the last word anymore?

Based on the discussions flying around these days, no.

I beg to differ.

Discuss now. Because I Said So’ Class Management

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