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Podcasting: Creative Communication Collaboration

Bookcasting-Grades: 3-5

> Project: A Bookcast attracts a reader to the exciting, funny, or major themes of the book without giving away the story. A Bookcast takes all of the fun that is packed into movie-trailers and applies them to student created book reviews. After reading a book, students use GarageBand to record a Bookcast review that other students can listen to. Students can add sound effects, jingles, and pictures to their Bookcast right in GarageBand with impressive results. Students publish their podcast and upload it to a school Wetpaint wiki where the Bookcasts are categorized and stored for other students to listen to. Students can access the Wetpaint wiki from the school library and listen to other students Bookcast reviews before checking out a book. If a book has not been reviewed, students can create one using GarageBand, Gabcast, or G-cast. Bookcasts are an excellent way to teach students summarizing, synthesizing, and visualizing reading strategies.

School and Home Collaboration- Grades: 1-2

> Project: A running record is a reading assessment strategy that provides teachers with vital information about a students evelopmental reading level. Podcasting simplifies analyzing running records because a teacher is able to listen a reading sample multiple times and evaluate a students reading more thoroughly. These podcasts of running records also provide a valuable tool for parent and teacher collaboration. Parents get an inside look (or listen) at their child’s progress throughout the school year. This is also a valuable tool during parent teacher conferences. At the end of the year, all of the students running records can be saved to a CD which students and parents can listen to and celebrate the progress made over the course of the year. The recordings can also be used as part of the students cumulative file that can track the students reading from year to year within the school. Future teachers can more successfully individualize instruction when they have the ability to listen to a students reading history.

Adopt a Soldier- Grade: 2

> Project: Second grade students have “adopted” soldier Sgt. Scott who is stationed in Iraq as part of a helicopter cargo transport team. Podcasting allows the second grade students to communicate easily with Sgt. Scott leaving him personal messages, well wishes, encouragement, and prayers in an audio e-card. Students record their messages using a telephone and Gabcast. Messages are then embedded on a Weebly website created especially for Sgt. Scott. When he has Internet access, he can listen to the students recordings. Students have also recorded a podcast about Sgt. Scott’s favorite things from home. This podcast is accompanied by slides that the students created in Keynote. Sgt. Scott responds to the students messages using a blog that has been set up on the site or by leaving a vodcast or podcast for the students. Students are gaining a new perspective on the war in Iraq and what it means to be a soldier.

Podcasting Tools Used:


Apple’s Garageband makes professional podcasting easy. Complete with sound effects, jingles, and songs creating an impressive podcast is a snap. Microphone and iMic: The microphone allows us to record to Garageband. The internal microphone can be used but the sound quality is significantly improved with an external microphone. Read an Introduction to Garage Band by Teaching editor, Jill Hare.


Gabcast is the perfect solution for podcasting on the go or podcasting in a classroom without access to a computer. Gabcast is a free service that makes podcasting as simple as making a phone call. Microphone and computer are not needed for recording. A touch tone telephone is all the equipment required!


Gcast is another free podcasting recording service. Messages can be recorded by phone or uploaded from MP3 files on your computer. Podsafe songs can be mixed with the podcast using Gcasts online playlist manager.


Wetpaint is a free wiki builder where we catalogue our Bookcasts.


Weebly is a free website builder where we store our podcasts and blog.

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