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Teaching Through Reading Frustration

Teaching Through Reading Frustration
If you have ever been frustrated by students who barely bother to read the text or who don’t have even a faint clue about what they read, or even if you find yourself in a rut when planning reading activities, this list of strategies is for you. Most of them are ones that we all know and use from time to time and with good reason-they work. Even though some are geared to older students, most of them can be adapted to meet the needs of any student.

• Chunking the text:

When teachers chunk the text, they break it into smaller, more manageable sections. You can do this paragraph by paragraph, page by page, or even sentence by sentence. Physically draw lines or mark the text with numbers to break it down for students.

• Think-pair-share:

Students first read and think about a passage on their own, then discuss it with a classmate. Then the partners share their insights with the larger group.

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• Making 3-2-1 maps:

Students map the key elements in a text by: writing 3 things they learned, writing 2 interesting things, and writing 1 question they still may have about the material.

• Make comparison-contrast charts:

Students either make or complete a chart of the various ways items are similar and/or different.

• Marking the text:

Many students benefit when they are allowed to mark the text. When you ask students to complete activities such as underline key points, draw arrows to indicate connections, or write question marks in the margin next to ideas they need explained, they tend to stay focus and engaged with the material.

• Guided questions:

Students answer questions about the text as they read. Questions can range from the knowledge level of thinking all the way to the evaluation level.

• Context Clues Charts:

Assign words that students do not know in the first column, then ask them to predict what they mean in the second column, and write the clues in the text in the third column.

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