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Teaching Writers & Partners

Teaching Writers & Partners

From the Editor

Patrick R. Riccards

Patrick Riccards is the author of Eduflack, a blog focused on the effective communication of education reform. Currently Senior Vice President of Public Affairs with Lipman Hearne Inc., Patrick’s work as a senior advisor with the National Reading Panel (1998-2002) and project director for the U.S. Department of Education’s Partnership for Reading (2002-2005) makes him one of the top education communications executives in the nation.

A former aide to members of the U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives, Patrick is a contributing author of Why Kids Can’t Read: Challenging the Status Quo in Education, published in 2006 by Rowman Littlefield Education.

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Road to Teaching

Road to Teaching is a blog for aspiring teachers to connect, share, vent, and find support. This website/blog addresses student teacher topics, provides resources, and maintains the web’s largest collection of teacher interview questions. This blog was created by Eric Hougan, a National Board Certified Teacher. Recently, Eric was awarded the 2008-9 Phi Delta Kappa Emerging Leader Award. He is also the author of Road to Teaching: A Guide to Teacher Training, Student Teaching, and Finding a Job.


Chicago School Supply and bring you free teacher lesson plans and educational resources. SchooDoodle offers online sales of educational materials, school supplies, and learning resources for parents, teachers and children of all ages. Our hand-selected offering of instructional resources and supplies is the most extensive in the school supply industry.

School Resources & Training Institute

School Resources & Training Institute is a division of PATC, The Public Agency Training Council. The PATC School Resource division is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive training and services available for law enforcement and school personnel.

This division was created in response to the increase in school liability and because of a need for integrating training of both law enforcement, SROs, school administrators and teachers.

SR-TI provides training, services, publications, and information to all stakeholders of school safety, security, legal and liability issues.

Visit the School Resources & Training Institute website for more information.

Natalie Schwartz

Natalie Schwartz is the author of The Teacher Chronicles: Confronting the Demands of Students, Parents, Administrators and Society (Laurelton Media). Based on revealing interviews with more than fifty teachers around the country, The Teacher Chronicles delves into the challenges and pressures teachers face every day, such as managing behavior issues in the classroom, cultivating relationships with parents, navigating school district politics, and helping students confront adversity in their lives. Drawing on her research, Natalie created the workshop “Building Successful Parent-Teacher Partnerships.” In the workshop, she offers teachers and parents effective strategies for improving communication and strengthening relationships.

Members of Teaching will receive a 10% discount on The Teacher Chronicles. For more information about The Teacher Chronicles and to order your copy, click here. To receive your discount, enter the Promo Code “APPLE” and select the discounted price.

Nancy Sharoff

Nancy (MST, MS (Instructional Technology), SDA) grew up in Europe attending Department of Defense schools in Germany. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree she worked as an Academic Advisor for the University of Maryland, European Division. Upon completion of her MST she taught 2nd grade, 4th grade, and 5th/6th grade Math, and currently is the K-4 Technology Facilitator in Ellenville, New York. She went on to complete a Master’s in Instructional Technology and certification for School District Administrator. In addition to a K-12 setting, Nancy has developed and taught various workshops and graduate level courses in the areas of educational technology, as well as, reading. She has presented at local, state, national, and virtual levels. She is a Google Certified Teacher and a Discovery STAR Educator. She divides her time equally between ‘Real Life’ and ‘Second Life’.

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Bernadette Simpson

Bernadette holds a Master’s of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on reading and English as a Second Language. She taught for eight years at international schools in Egypt before following her passion for literature, language learning, and photography. She published her first children’s book, An ABC Escapade through Egypt, in 2008. Bernadette continues to train teachers and parents on effective literacy instruction and has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant with The University of Texas at Arlington for the past five years. She also has a passion for technology and alternatives to copyright; her Escapade through Egypt photoblog is released under a Creative Commons license in the hopes that other young and aspiring authors may find the resources useful in their own writing projects. Her website also hosts a range of materials for teachers, parents, and students.

Nina Smith

Nina Smith is a pedagogical consultant who helps teachers to thrive in their profession. She is also an educator, teacher trainer and a mother of four. Nina has taught preschoolers as well as elementary age students, teenagers and adults, enjoying each experience.

Originally Nina comes from Finland, where she studied educational psychology and also earned her M.Ed from the University of Jyvaskyla. Her international travels, work experience of 16 years, theoretical knowledge and successful parenting have now crystallized into consulting. Today she provides teachers with personalized tools that help them promote deep learning and create more effective and emotionally safe classrooms. To contact Nina, please visit

So You Want to Teach

Joel is a band director in Texas. He began teaching in the 2002-2003 school year. His first two years were a self-described horrible failure. Though he knew lots of information, he did not have what it took to push him beyond that. He felt like an untapped reservoir of knowledge, with a bunch of students who didn’t like him, didn’t care what he knew, and usually liked to argue with him until they get their way.

That’s when everything changed. He resigned from that school district right before spring break and made it a personal mission to figure out how to be a great teacher.

Joel currently writes SoYouWantToTeach in an attempt to pass along his learnings to other teachers and future teachers.

TeachersCount is a 501©(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to raise the status of the teaching profession and provide resources to the education community. Using a public service announcement national ad campaign and related initiatives, TeachersCount is working to create a permanent culture of teacher appreciation in the United States. To learn more about this website, please visit I’m Just Curious.


For over a decade Teachnology has provided millions of teachers’ free access to math worksheets, lesson plans, and rubrics.

Kelly Tenkely

Kelly Tenkely graduated from Colorado Christian University with a Liberal Arts degree in Elementary Education. She started teaching in 2003 as a second grade teacher in a public school. In 2004 she made the switch to private school and took the only available opening as the technology teacher. Educational technology has since become her passion. She started a web site for her classroom and soon discovered that other teachers were using the site to aid technology in their classrooms.

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Kelly also trains teaching staff on integrating and implementing technology into the classroom. Training teachers on the use of technology in the classroom led to her blog,, where she blogs daily about integrating technology into the classroom simply and effectively. When she is not blogging, searching for and playing with new technology, or on Kelly enjoys scrapbooking, cooking, and spending time with her husband and dog (Aya).

The Critical Thinking Company

For more than 50 years, The Critical Thinking Co.’s™ award-winning books and software have helped students of all abilities achieve better grades and higher test scores with highly effective lessons that sharpen the mind as they teach standards-based reading, writing, mathematics, science, and history. Our products are fun, easy to use, and guaranteed to produce better grades and higher test scores. We do not teach through drill and memorization or teach to the tests—we empower the mind!

Visit today for more free printable supplemental and core curriculum materials, download award-winning educational software games, or sign-up for our monthly newsletter including free activities, special offers and teaching tips!

Myscha Theriault

Myscha Theriault (AKA The Itinerant Tightwad) was born in Northern Maine has lived well for less around the world, working in various jobs and locations. Much of her career has been spent in the classroom, although she has also worked in the fields of mental health, behavioral health administration software services, public relations, international consulting, curriculum development, professional blogging and freelance writing. Myscha’s work, articles and advice have been featured by various media outlets, including WSJ Online, USA Today, the Miami Herald, Bay News 9 in Tampa, and the New York Times. She lives in Florida with her husband David and affectionate Labrador, Maggie.

Myscha has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and spent much of her teaching career overseas before launching TheLessonMachine.Com, a multicultural education web site with subscription based lesson plans.

Together with the other writers of Wise Bread, she helped author 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget

Julia G. Thompson

A graduate of Virginia Tech, Julia is the author of several books for teachers. Her newest book, First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide, Second Edition, was released in July 2007. She is also the author of Discipline Survival Kit for the Secondary Teacher. In each of her books, Julia presents classroom-tested ideas, activities, and strategies designed to make each school day a successful one.

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Tutors4Teachers is a national online tutoring company that services educators, aspiring educators, and career changing professionals who have a passion to teach and pass their national and state certification exams. Tutors4 Teachers offers educator tutoring service to assist in every content area for all 13 national and state exams in all 50 states. Our tutors are college professors or state certified teachers who have taken and passed the national and state certification exams. They are able to relate to your challenges, frustrations, doubts, and fears about taking the exam.

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