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Teaching Writers & Partners

Teaching Writers & Partners

From the Editor

Catherine Marrs

Catherine received her BA degree from the University of Arizona and her Masters degree from Texas Women’s University in Occupational Therapy. She completed the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions, and the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA)’s Principles and Practice Training in Alexandria, Virginia. She holds both a Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA and Certification in Educational Planning. Catherine has been practicing as an Educational Consultant since January 2004. Besides being a Certified Educational Planner, Catherine is a member of the IECA, NACAC and TACAC. Catherine currently is a member of the LDI mentoring committee within TACAC. Catherine visits an average of 25 college campuses a year to maintain her CEP as well as her membership standing with IECA and to best serve her clients when discussing college selection factors.

Catherine is the mother of a teen-age daughter, thus understands first-hand the life of both a parent and counselor of a teen-ager!


Miss Cal.Q.L8 is a recent college graduate and new to the blogging scene. She is currently a substitute teacher, grant writer, and tutor. This fall she will start her career as a high school math teacher teaching algebra and geometry. Miss Cal.Q.L8 loves to read and write and learning is a huge priority. She values people more because of what they’ve taught her than how they treat her. Her best advice for any teacher is to be real and make a connection with every student. Hobbies include napping, photography, texting, and of course, blogging! Her goals are to be the best teacher that has ever lived, to change the world, and to live wealthy. She also adores John Mayer and chocolate.

Mrs. Mimi

Mimi is a public school teacher who loves her job but is routinely frustrated by all the drama. Read more about Mimi on her blog, It’s Not All Flowers and Sausages.

The New Teacher Resource Center

Dorit Sasson is a New York City native and freelance writer. She teaches ESL (English as a Second Language) reading and writing courses at CCAC Allegheny Community College, and is the creator of the New Teacher Resource Center.

Dorit Sasson has written articles for a variety of journals, magazines, newsletters, and ezines like Reading Today, Essential Teacher, Teacher and Principal Quarterly, the Internet TESL Journal, WAHM Online, and many others.

Dorit holds both graduate and undergraduate degrees in English literature from the University of Haifa. She successfully taught English language learners in various schools in Israel for the last eleven years and returned to live back in the States in the summer of 2007. As part of her journey, Dorit believes that every student can be motivated to succeed with the right recipe of instruction and support. She is currently at work coauthoring “Developing Literacy in K-2 English language learners through Collaboration” which is currently under discussion.

Kim Norman

Kim Norman is a children’s book author whose first book, Jack of All Tails, was released from Dutton in June of 2007. Kim also authors a blog listing state-by-state children’s authors and illustrators who do school visits: Author School Visits by State. Visit this great resource now.

Kate Olson

Kate Olson is a non-traditional new teacher, coming to the classroom after spending time as an accountant and a stay-at-home mother. She currently teaches Business Education in La Crosse, WI and is an online course developer and facilitator for teacher professional development at Professional Learning Board.

Her current educational passion is integrating new technologies into the classroom and enjoys sharing the exciting new tools she finds with her colleagues at school and in her online personal learning network. When she’s not glued to her laptop doing geeky things like wearing a headset and recording audio for her keyboarding blog, she can be found chasing a baby and toddler around the house, running, scrapbooking, and drinking gallons of coffee.

She blogs about her experiences in teaching and technology at Kate Says and blogs with her students at Keying In and Global Bloggers.

Laura Owen

Mrs. Owen is currently teaching 3rd grade at the Westminster Schools in Atlanta, GA. Before moving back into the classroom, she served as the International Baccalaureate Coordinator at Jackson Elementary School, also in Atlanta. Laura has taught grades 4 and 5 in Georgia and North Carolina. She has her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Master’s degree in Gifted and Creative Education. Laura was a contributing author in the book Differentiation in Practice, Grades K-5 by Carol Ann Tomlinson and Caroline Cunningham Eidson.

Add Mrs. Owen to your friends list.

Madison Paine

Madison Paine has been a classroom teacher for more than a decade. She has had an opportunity to observe schools all over the world including South America and Africa. Recently her passion for teaching has spread into the realm of teacher advocacy. After witnessing a sharp increase in unfair working conditions and declining respect for teachers overall, Madison Paine has decided to devote the remaining years of her career to bringing about positive change in U.S. schools.

Devoted to her family and loyal friends, Madison balances her busy schedule with travel, entertaining her loved ones in her home, and reading unique books that keep her guessing. Her greatest mentors are her parents and she believes her greatest accomplishment has been helping her students exceed even her greatest expectations. Madison Paine chooses to teach while pursuing a writing career.

Madison is the author of The Poisoned Apple is a leading science, research and technology news service which covers physics, earth science, medicine, nanotechnology, electronics, space, biology, chemistry, computer sciences, engineering, mathematics and other sciences and technologies. PhysOrg publishes about 100 quality articles each day and its readership includes 1.5 million scientists, researchers, and engineers every month.

Dr. Rosanna Pittella

Rosanna Pittella, MA, PhD abd, is an ethicist who based on studies of Piaget, Kohlberg, and Gilligan, developed a unique theory of integration of ethics language and concepts with standard pedagogy that has been recently published in the Journal of Higher Education, and is the focus of her presentations to regional, national, and international audiences. Ms. Pittella has built a reputation as one who delivers practical solutions, that she freely admits are unearthed and developed with the help from the unrecognized experts in American industry, those on the ground, the voiceless staffs of the corporations she serves. The application of this methodology is at the heart of the One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education, an organization or advocacy for educators dedicated to positive changes in education, which she founded with her fellow Board members. Her goal is to document and amplify the voices of the true experts in academia, the educators themselves and assist them to integrate ethics with standard American pedagogy.


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